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For Teachers… There is Never Enough

Huffington Post just ran a story about teaching, from the perspective of a teacher. And it all comes down to one phrase, the author says: “There is never enough.” Time, resources… the list goes on. 


The Hardest Part of Teaching


FREE Tools to Keep Learning Going Through the Summer

A free reading program to help students find books that are appropriate for their level of reading. A good way to keep reading going over the summer months.

Book Adventure


For parents looking for an easy at home program to help their students bridge information during the summer months.


Online Safety Tricks for Parents

From Common Sense Media: 

13 Digital Hacks to Make Tech Work Better for Your Family

Tips, tricks, and techniques every parent should know to help kids and families enjoy media and technology more.


Digital Hacks

Common Core

Even though this is a New York based site it’s still a good breakdown of Common Core Standards. 

Parents Guides to the Common Core Standards

There’s also a page with learning activities: