Attached is what CFT submitted to the labor board earlier this afternoon. This is what will be posted publicly on their website likely next Thursday. CFT released this information to the press today during a press conference.

Those who would like to show their support for teachers can contact the school board via email at You may also contact Unit 4 superintendent Judy Wiegand at


Here is a sample of a letter that expresses support of Unit 4 teachers:

I am a parent in the Unit 4 school district. I am writing to express my full support of the changes proposed by the Champaign Federation of Teachers. I understand that the district is concerned over the financial implications regarding acceptance of the CFT’s proposal. However, as a parent I feel this is money wisely invested in not only our district, but in the main focus of district efforts: the students.

The quality of learning that is experienced in every classroom in the district begins with teachers. They are the ones who set the tone for the school and classroom environment. Having a deep appreciation of the educational system these teachers work long hours, sacrifice personal time, and remain diligent to serving our students and families.

What they are asking for is, in the long run, a minimal investment when considering the greater picture is student well-being. Students deserve to have quality teachers who are in turn treated by their administration with the greatest level of respect.

I urge you to accept the proposed contract as submitted by the Champaign Federation of Teachers. They deserved to be valued each and every day they enter our school buildings and nurture our students. 


The CFT, Unit 4 administrators, and federal mediator will meet again in a couple of weeks. During this time parents who wish to show their support are encouraged to contact school administrators and board members.



Sheri Williamson

labor board submission