At last night’s board meeting there was a heartfelt message shared by the CFT president regarding the current Unit 4-teacher contract negotiations.

There was also a breakdown of the 2013-2014 Unit 4 budget. Two PowerPoint presentations are available that provide detail of the budget. If parents have any questions regarding financial planning by Unit 4, the budget, or any finance related questions for the school district please submit them before this Thursday.

As PTA Council Co-Vice President, I will be attending the Promises Made, Promises Kept Committee meeting. This committee is in place to review financial activity within the district. Information about the committee can be found on the Unit 4 website: Questions can be submitted via comments on this blog, via Facebook either in comments or inbox, or via Twitter (@champaignpta)… or to me directly Sheri Williamson

A question was posed by a Unit 4 Parent regarding a possible informational session provided by the CFT president. This informational session would inform parents of the process around contract negotiations. It is another area where parents can be better informed of activity that occurs in the district.

Budget FY12 Board Presentation September 9 2013Final vMATT

UPDATED — Budget FY12 Board Presentation