Yesterday we saw an example of why parent involvement is so important in each school in the district. Parents should be involved in decisions made by school and district administrators because its their students who are impacted by decisions made. As a step in the right direction we saw PTA parents step up to the plate and assert their right to be involved with decisions made at their school. While there has been debate about how the conversation was facilitated that argument does not negate the need for parents to be at the table to discuss important changes to a school.

While perusing The Parent Institute website I came across a report called Parent Involvement: Nine Truths You Must Know Now. I wanted to share a quote from the report.

“Dr. Joyce Epstein at the John Hopkins University Center on School, Family and Community Partnerships makes the point very well when she says:

‘The way schools care about children is reflected in the way schools care about the children’s families.

If educators view children simply as students, they are likely to see the family as separate from the school. That is, the family is expected to do its job and leave the education of children to the schools.

If educators view students as children, they are likely to see both the family and the community as partners with the school in children’s education and development.'” (Wherry, 2010, p. 2)

The report goes on to discuss how parent involvement positive contributes to student academic achievement, how parents must be partners with schools, how parent trust in schools is important, and what responsibility schools have to achieve parent engagement.

The Truth I found relevant to the recent communications in the district is “Truth #3: Communication with parents must be carefully planned and two-way,” (Wherry, 2010, p. 4). The report specifically states that communication does not effectively occur unless parents are allowed to provide feedback. The report even breaks down how typical communication is processed by parents and what aspects of communication are effective.

I have attached the PDF of the report. I encourage parents to read it and consider what these truths mean to you. If you see these truths in your school(s) please share those successes. If you do not what would you like to specifically see happen in your school(s)? As parents ponder these truths and how they are affected by them the Council would like to engage parents to discuss questions, concerns, and suggestions they have regarding their schools, the district, and policies.

Everyone have a great weekend!



Wherry, J.H. (2010). This parent involvement: Nine truths you must know now, Special Report. Fairfax Station, VA: The Parent Institute.