The article is titled “7 Reasons Why You MUST Read Aloud To Your Kids At All Ages.” It encourages parents to read to their students. There were a lot of great reasons shared. Highlighted below are two of the reasons that I wanted to focus on as they may be ones that parents don’t consider.

“3. It’s a great way to talk about emotional health. We talk about the things that happen in the stories, how we would feel if they happened to us, and how we might deal with such events the same or differently. Books have helped me broach topics that I might not have thought to raise if it weren’t for the subject matter in the story.”

Mental health in our children is incredibly important. There can be early signs of the onset of a mental health disorder. Parents who are engaged with their children on a regular basis can be more in tune with those developments as they occur.

“6. You get a wealth of information on where your children might need help.  Through reading aloud to my children I’ve been able to teach them the meaning of words they still didn’t understand. They have better vocabularies. They have better comprehension skills and understanding of abstract concepts. And reading allows them to excel not just in language arts, but in all of their subjects. I’ve been able to see when my daughter was ready to read on her own — she started pushing me out of the way and reading the words herself — and also to see if and when she needs help.”

One of the programs the PTA Council and I are working on a is a summer reading program. In addition to the summer program I’m working with district administrators to design a parent workshop on dyslexia. Again, early signs of learning disabilities or even minor struggles students have can be observed by parents who are involved with all areas of their children’s lives.


Early intervention is so key in helping children develop. Just by devoting 15 minutes each evening a parent can be the proactive cheerleader their child needs.


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