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Parents often ask us to suggest good books for their kids — ones that will engage, entertain, and maybe even enlighten them. So we’ve scoured our recommendation lists and consulted with teachers, librarians, and book critics to assemble what we consider essential titles for your home bookshelves or to download to your ereader, smartphone, or tablet. From the classics to more recent must-reads, fantasy to funny, we have more than 150 great book suggestions for your kids and teens, from bedtime stories to chapter books to true literature, and more. Just search our themed categories, and you’ll find all of our picks arranged by age groups.

Our goal in creating this guide was to choose books that are proven to click with all kinds of kids — and can encourage them to become lifelong readers. The list is mainly fiction, because stories really grab kids. And we didn’t shy away from controversial books, trusting that our age ratings and detailed reviews will help parents decide what’s appropriate for their kids.

Our expert editors are completely independent; we’ve provided buy links for many books, but they’re simply for your convenience.

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