There are many options around the community for kids during the summer. There recently was an event at the Champaign Public Library regarding some of the summer activities. Organizations in attendance had registration forms and literature for their summer programs. I have attached some of the literature received. The first contains names and websites for the organizations that attended.

For low income families, one of the affordable options for the summer is the Champaign Park District. They accept Child Care Resources financial assistance. You may begin submitting Child Care Resource applications the first week of May.

The link to their materials is:    For those who have used Child Care Resources in the past, but have not recently, please review their new application. It is a bit longer in length and requires additional information.



Here is the additional information on summer activities:

Ideas for Summer



Capoeira Center for the Arts

Family Aquatic Center


Savoy Rec

The Reading Group

UIUC Language

University Primary School

Urbana Free Library Yoga