One of the tougher systems to navigate can be healthcare. Especially when you have no health coverage for a needed service the search for a provider or resource can be hard. Attached to this post is information provided by Champaign County Healthcare Consumers.

The attachments include information on:

  • Understanding Changes in Dental Benefits for
  • Medicaid BeneficiariesĀ for adults who have Medicaid
  • Reproductive Health Care Services in the Champaign County Area
  • A Quick Guide to Hospital Financial Assistance Programs in Champaign County
  • Free or Low Cost Health Care in Champaign County
  • Low Cost Dental Care
  • A Dental Emergency Fact Sheet

This site will include information on healthcare, mental health, literacy, tools for parent advocacy, and other related topics.

Feel free to leave a comment on topics and resources you would like to see covered.

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Dental Emergency Fact Sheet – English

Low Cost Dental Care in Champaign County




About DRP 2013